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Mom Can’t Fit Disabled Daughter In Grocery Cart, Then Manager Approaches And Reduces Her To Tears

By - 9th October 2018

Taking your kids to the grocery store isn’t always the easiest chore to do. But these tasks need to be done. Some kids can be quite troublesome. Whether its throwing tantrums, picking up things they don’t need or running off, it can be a challenge. That’s where ‘Beatrice’s Cart’ came from.

Melody Leach knows that taking kids to the grocery store can be near impossible, but not because her child is naughty, but because her child has a disability.

Melody’s adorable little 2-year-old, Beatrice, is a very well behaved child, but because of her disability, shopping is a tough task for her mom.

Beatrice isn’t a difficult child, but because of her condition, she couldn’t sit comfortably in one of the shopping cart seats. This means that Melody had to push Beatrice’s wheelchair with one hand while holding a basket of shopping in the other hand.

Beatrice was born with cerebral palsy and despite being nearly 3-years-old, she can’t talk, crawl and she struggles with poor eyesight. Beatrice gets pushed around in her wheelchair by her mother, but it isn’t an easy task while shopping.

But Melody had no idea that the employees had been watching them around the store

The store employees saw Melody struggling and they knew they wanted to help her out. The store’s manager Mike made a call to the head office to see if they could help Melody out by getting her a cart specifically designed for people with special needs.

They managed to get what they needed. The type of cart needed is called a “Caroline’s Cart” but they wanted to make Beatrice feel extra special. So they decided to decorate the trolley to make it more personable.

They named it “Beatrice’s Cart”. They covered it in balloons and ribbons and glitter to make her feel like a princess.

How adorable is this? Beatrice was beaming from ear to ear and her mom was moved to tears by the kindness of the staff.

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