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Baby Squirrel Cries Out For Help As It Dangles From Tree, Then A Hero Arrives To Save The Day

By - 1st June 2018

Baby animals are very adorable creatures, but much like our own children, they can get themselves into a spot of bother. Luckily, these quick-thinking humans managed to save this tiny baby squirrel from a fatality.

Elize and Anton Olivier, a couple visiting the Timbavati Picnic Site in the Kruger National Park in South Africa. It was there when they heard a strange noise overhead. They assumed it was a bird at first, but upon closer inspection, it was something much more harrowing.

A tiny baby squirrel was hanging by its neck from a thorn in a tree

The creature was so tiny and young that its eyes hadn’t even opened yet. Sadly, the mother was nowhere to be found. Anton and Elize knew that they had to act fast to try and rescue this stranded baby squirrel.

baby squirrel

This type of squirrel is known as a Smith’s Bush squirrel or Paraxerus cepapi to use its scientific name. These squirrels are considered arboreal (tree-dwelling). They’re primarily vegetarian but will occasionally eat insects as well.

Tree squirrels tend to have 1 – 3 baby squirrels each mating season. They have a gestation period of around 56 days. The babies don’t fully ween until 6 weeks but they leave the nest to find food independently after just 19 days.

The baby squirrel in the video looks like it might have lost its bearings and slipped out of the tree as it only looked around 2 weeks old.

Elize and Anton worked fast to rescue the baby squirrel and take it in to give it the best chance at survival.

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