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Extremely Rare Black Leopard Is Photographed For First Time In A Century

By - 13th February 2019

There’s something extremely satisfying about taking a photo and capturing a funny or memorable moment on film. Whether it’s finally getting the perfect group selfie or even nailing a photobomb.  But Will Burrard-Lucas will put most to shame with his recent work when he captured a photograph that hasn’t been seen in almost a century.

The 35-year-old wildlife photographer managed to snap an image of the extremely rare and somewhat ‘mythical’ black leopard prowling through Laikipia Wilderness Camp in Kenya and the images are truly stunning.

The panther gets it’s black coat from melanism, the opposite of albinism. And although at first glance it might look totally black, if you look closely you can see it’s phenomenal markings.

If like me, you’re thinking ‘how did he get that close’ well think no more. He set up a series of camera traps with wireless motion sensors which luckily captured the image when the leopard walked by. After he had realized he had captured the image, he added: “I couldn’t believe it and it took a few days before it sank in that I had achieved my dream.”

Biologist, Nicholas Pilfold PhD, who helped with the project also added: “We had always heard about black leopard living in this region, but the stories were absent of high quality footage that could confirm their existence. This is what Will’s photos and the videos on our remote cameras now prove, and are exceptionally rare in their detail and insight. Collectively these are the first confirmed images in nearly 100 years of black leopard in Africa, and this region is the only known spot in all of Africa to have black leopard.”

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