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Nearly 30 Million People Have Watched This Video Of A Farting Hippo

By - 18th March 2019
hippo fart

Comedy works in different ways and different people like different things. You can find this out just from talking to any group of people and asking who their favourite comedian is, or what their favourite joke is.

However, there is one type of humour that unites pretty much everyone, from toddlers to grandparents. This type of joke is funny to anyone of any gender, race, or religion, and doesn’t discriminate who is on the receiving end of its laugh distribution.

hippo fart

I am, of course, talking about the humble fart joke. If you pretend to find fart jokes beneath you or like to tell yourself that they aren’t funny, then I would recommend you stop reading now. For everyone else, however, I urge you to continue.

Let me take you on a safari, into the heart of Africa, or any local zoo. There you will find the large, grey, semi-aquatic mammal known as the hippo. The huge lumbering animals are a confusing creature, they are slow and gentle, calm and serene. But then you see their teeth and tusks, you hear them roar or watch them charge at prey. Suddenly they are less gentile.

But then you hear them fart.

hippo fart

Hippopotamus farts are devastating. Any parent, teen, or self-respecting sibling would be proud if their fart reached even a tenth of the level of a hippo’s fart. And this one is a particularly big one.

Onlookers at the zoo watched in stunned amazement as the beast since dubbed “Harry the Farting Hippo” let rip in front of the crowds. There are no words to describe the almighty trump he let loose, so I’ll let Harry do the talking in the video below.

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