Return to top What this farmer does to rescue his favourite duck Is beyond beautiful

What this farmer does to rescue his favourite duck Is beyond beautiful

By - 17th January 2017

Matt McDougall is a farmer who films the exploits of his much-loved army of ducks and posts the video to his YouTube channel 50 Ducks In A Hot Tub.

His videos are designed to show that animals can live healthy and fulfilled lives on a farm as. He’s not your typical farmer though, he loves interacting with his animals and treating them with such love and care.

You can watch the video at the foot of this article. 

Sometimes he said their personalities manage to shine through and you become to unknowingly get favourites and strong bonds with certain animals. This is exactly what happened with Mrs. Gimp the duck.


She is not only one of McDougall’s but also a fan favourite but tragically in the newly-released video from this winter, Matt shared footage of a farm accident that almost claimed her life, and the efforts to which he had to go to revive her.


To set the scene, Mrs Gimp fell into a pool of freezing water in the middle of winter, she seemed to have been in there a while and was only moments from certain death, he rushed against the clock to warm her core temperature.

You can watch the video below and I hope you enjoyed the love and compassion showed by this farmer, it truly warmed our heart and I hope you feel them same.

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