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Man Is Left Stunned As Auction Room Falls Silent, To Let Him Win Back His Long-Lost Family Farm

By - 30th July 2018

Family traditions are wonderful things as they range from household to household and they span across generations. Some are kooky, some are sweet and some are a simple way of life. But one family needed to reclaim their family heritage in an unusual place – a farm auction.

I’m sure if you speak to any of your family members, you’ll find out some of their own unique chapters in their family history. Some are small like having a curry on Christmas day, others can be more to do with house rules or special events.

But while most stories are uplifting and memorable tales from the past, some stories come from tragedy and misfortune. But no matter the backstory, the legacy usually gets passed down.

So when a Nebraskan farmer called David spotted his chance to change his family’s history, he jumped at the opportunity. But not every task is an easy one. However, this story is one all about community and kindness.

farm auction

Our story starts at a farm auction with one man tirelessly working to restore his family farm

For generations, David’s family told the same story of their family background. A tale of a lost land and an unfulfilled destiny. Decades before David was born, his family had tended to the same large plot of land for years.

But one unfortunate decision left 80 acres of farmland in the hands of a family member who didn’t have the family’s best interests at heart. David heard the story growing up about this now-distant relative who tore the family apart.

But like most people, David dreamt of bringing the family farm back again. Thankfully, he had found an opportunity that presented itself in the form of a farm auction. David couldn’t wait to try and bring harmony back to his household.

This once in a lifetime opportunity to change his family history was something he couldn’t pass up. He didn’t quite know what to do yet, all he knew is that he wanted the farm for the newer generations and to rewrite a sad chapter in his family history.

The day of the auction came and David gathered enough cash to try and make a bid – but there was no guarantee

David and his family were all doubtful that they’d be able to succeed against other large farms but they still dreamed of getting their farm back.

The farm auction opened and David placed the first bid. The auctioneer then called for a second bid but something was wrong. All 200 farmers in the room were abnormally silent, in fact, it was bizarre. The auctioneer called for a break as he was confused.

When the auction continued, no other bids were made. David and his family were stunned but they had won back their farm. When they thought about it, the result was clear – human kindness.

David knows that what happened that day was nothing short of a miracle. He believes that the miracle can have its source traced to the hearts of the kind Nebraskan farming community.

It wouldn’t have taken much for another farmer to have bid out David and his family, but they knew that another plot of land to them is worth nothing compared to the sentimental value of David’s family.

David still remembers the farm auction in 2011 where hope and kindness prevailed.

I’ve had two profoundly humbling days in my life. The first was the day my son was born. The second was that unforgettable day at the Auction House.

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