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Family’s baby girl was given months to live, then her babysitter asked to do something no one expected

By - 31st August 2017

For anyone who’s been a babysitter or worked as a nanny, you are sure to know the great responsibility that sits firmly upon your shoulders.

Most babysitters take the job seriously and do what is expected of them. Others, however, go above and beyond what any parent could possibly ask for.

Kiersten Miles, a 22-year-old student from New Jersey needed a job to support her studies. She contacted Rosko family through a friend and immediately started working for them.

Kiersten had only been looking after George and Farra Rosko’s three children for a few weeks and had formed a strong bond with the couple’s three kids. Especially their youngest daughter, Talia.

One of their children’s lives were on the line and Kiersten made a life-changing decision that would leave the Rosko family feeling eternally grateful.

It turned out that their 9-month-old girl had a life-threatening and rare liver disease.

But when doctors announced that Talia needed a new liver, the Rosko’s babysitter didn’t hesitate for a second to offer her a part of hers.

George and Farra weren’t sure about the idea at first. Donating part of your liver isn’t like donating blood. The procedure involves invasive surgery and there is a certain level of risk involved in the operation.

Undeterred, Kiersten stood by her decision and applied to be Talia’s donor. When her test results came back, Kiersten proved to be a perfect match!

Talia’s parents were extremely grateful to Kiersten for her selfless act and on the 11th of January, 2017, Kiersten and Talia went to the hospital for their 14-hour surgery.

Thankfully, the liver transplant was successful! Kiersten stayed at the hospital for five days and Talia stayed for a further four.

The pair made a speedy recovery and now Talia is a new toddler! Hardly anyone can believe that she recently had a liver transplant.

Kiersten has an absolute heart of gold and she will forever be a superhero to the Rosko family. Especially her little best friend, Talia.

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