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Family Rescue Lonely Calf After Hurricane, And Now She Won’t Stop Acting Like A Dog

By - 5th March 2018

When most people get house pets they get a dog or a cat, maybe even a parrot or a goldfish. But Tammy and Ren Canton have an animal living in their house that is totally out of the norm. Meet Harveigh the calf.

We usually think of calves living out in a field with the rest of their herd, but little Harveigh only wants to be indoors with her family. Living with Tammy and Ren in southeast Texas, Harveigh came to their home under sad circumstances.

Days after Hurricane Harvey ripped through the land, the poor little calf was rejected by her mother and left outside in the cold. Thankfully the Cantons were there to take in the starving calf.

The Cantons opened their home to two families and 8 dogs in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, and they barely had any space for anyone else. But the kind family couldn’t bear to see the calf suffering, so they brought her in to their home, introducing her to the pack of dogs.

Harveigh was in bad shape when she was brought into the home; weak and shivering from the cold. Tammy bought some food for her from the pet store and the calf ate it up immediately. The poor calf probably wouldn’t have survived if she’d stayed outside much longer.

Taking in Harveigh wasn’t a total shock to the family as they had nurtured cows before, although in different circumstances. The few cows that the Cantons had on their property were old show heifers, so this was the first newborn they had ever taken care of.

Spending time around the house gave little Harveigh time to bond with the dogs, especially forming a special connection with Sealy the pit bull.

The pup has taken over as her caretaker. The two go everywhere together, and they have formed a friendship that will last a lifetime.

And now Harveigh is just as comfortable in her new home as the pups are. In fact, she is so comfortable that she doesn’t even realise she is a cow; she thinks she is one of the pack. Tammy says that “truthfully, I don’t think Harveigh sees herself any different from the dogs.”

While Harveigh loves her new home, she can’t live there forever. As she gets bigger she will become too large to live in the house so will have to prepare for life outside.

Tammy and Ren have gradually socialised her with the other cows so that the change won’t be too much of a shock for her, and they have even built her a ‘cow condo’ outside to ease the transition. I guess we all have to grow up at some point…

But regardless of where Harveigh sleeps at night, one thing won’t change. She will always be a part of her wolf pack, even if she is a bit larger than her canine siblings…

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