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Janitor Is Called To Clear Up Mess, But When He Turns Corner He Walks Into Assembly In His Honor

By - 22nd October 2018

It may come as no surprise, but any custodian will tell you that school children tend to be rather messy, I know, it’s not really a shock is it? But if it weren’t for our custodians to clean up the mess, things wouldn’t get done. Though a lot of people may take janitors for granted, one school wanted to show theirs how much he means to them.

Eugene Hinton is one of these loyal custodians that does his job with pride. He stops the bins from overflowing, cleans up the spillages and removes marks from the walls and tables. He does it all with a smile which encourages others to also be happy.

The children at Moody Elementary School in Moody, Alabama, love Eugene dearly. He gives them high-fives when he sees them in the corridor and he always has a positive word to share.

Third-grade teacher Andrea Orr told Eugene that there was a mess that needed cleaning in the cafeteria. Without a moment’s hesitation, he obliged and grabbed his mop and bucket and headed to the cafeteria. But he didn’t realize that it was all a ruse to get him into the hall.

For National Custodian Day, the teachers decided to throw a little surprise for Eugene Hinton

As soon as he walked through the doors, hundreds of students all screamed “surprise!” at Eugene. As you can imagine, Eugene was completely stunned. He had to take a second to compose himself.

They decided to do their custodial surprise on the 2nd of October which is National Custodian Day. They wanted to thank Mr. Eugene for all he does during his long tenure at the school.

On his special day, Eugene was given many gifts and cards from the students. They had even made him some banners with students’ handprints to show how much he means to them. “Thanks, Mr. Eugene, for always lending a helping hand.”

I totally lost it. I wasn’t expecting it at all.

Watch the video below to see Mr. Eugene discovering the special assembly in his honor. Needless to say, he was pretty emotional. What a wonderful way for the school to show Mr. Eugene how much they appreciate all that he does.

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