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Energy Drinks Have “Eaten Away” Teacher’s Tongue, He Claims

By - 29th March 2019
Energy drinks decayed this man's tongue

An Australian teacher living in Asia claims that energy drinks have “eaten away” his tongue. He is distressed about his oral health, but maybe he should be more concerned about the health of his stomach. He drinks six energy drinks a day, and you don’t need us to tell you that that’s probably bad for you!

Dan Royals, the teacher in question, made a Facebook post detailing the horror, with a graphic image attached. Be warned, this is not for the faint-hearted.

“Who drinks energy drinks? Addicted to them? You may want to think again. Have a look at the second pic… That’s what that [stuff] does to your tongue, imagine what’s it like on your internals? Up until recently when this started to occur I was drinking at least 5-6 a day (lack of energy teaching kids usually) and I brush daily, went to the doctor and boom! [sic]”

Energy drinks decayed this man's tongue
Image – Dan Royals/Facebook

I’m not sure if there’s a worse problem at hand, because if you need to drink six energy drinks a day to keep your levels up… It just seems a little excessive. He added that he doesn’t think that smoking has affected his tongue at all.

“Found out it’s the chemicals in these drinks that are causing it … It literally eats away at your tongue. So be wary guys. Just to make it clear, I actually do care for my oral health but this is purely from these drinks … I do smoke but has nothing to do with the eating away of my tongue. [sic]”

Energy drinks decayed this man's tongue
Image – Nellis Air Force Base

The smoking probably has some effect as well as the unhealthy number of energy drinks, but it’s not our place to say. However, the World Health Organisation has known about the ill-effects of energy drinks for a long time.

Their researchers said: “A study in the US showed that dental cavities can result from the acidic pH and high-sugar content of products such as energy drinks. Another study showed that consumption of energy drinks can cause erosion and smear layer removal in the teeth, leading to cervical dentin hypersensitivity.”

Learn your lesson from Dan and the WHO, and maybe don’t be quite so excessive in your energy drink consumption.

Energy drinks decayed this man's tongue
Image – Flickr

What are your thoughts on Dan’s tongue? Is it the smoking or the drinks that have caused this? Let us know in the comments, and share with your friends and family to keep them safe! Don’t forget to check out similar stories on Happiest.