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Pregnant Wild Elephant Delivers Rare Miracle For The First Time In 38 Years

By - 4th July 2018

Childbirth is a miracle every time it happens, but some cases are even more special. Two months ago, at the Amboseli Kenyan National Park, the elephants of the park welcomed a very special new addition to the world… or should I say TWO new additions. 

At the end of May, a 38-year-old female elephant, named Paru, gave birth to twins. The babies, a boy, and a girl, join their 40-member family at the National Park and the whole family has been pitching in to help with childcare. Especially their big sister.

elephant twins

There is less than a 1% chance that a pregnant elephant will give birth to twins.  If twins are born, usually one will die shortly after birth, but these 2-month-old elephant twins are defying the odds. The super sweet duo are happy and healthy, plodding around with their family.

elephant twins

A miracle like this last happened back in 1980 when one of the elephants at the park gave birth to twins. It has been 38 years since the phenomena occurred and these new twins serve as hope to the elephant population that their numbers may once again rise.

elephant twins

This is a very unique scenario in terms of conservation, particularly in the elephant population. We are really proud, and we are now monitoring, and we are ensuring that the babies are quite in good health.

The adorable pair joins 1,600 other elephants at the National Park, where they are free to wander and live peacefully with their family.

elephant twins

The elephant twins have been staying close to their mother and the rest of their family as they get used to the new, big wide world they live in. While there is always the threat of poachers, the twins couldn’t be in safer hands at the National Park. Rangers and local community members keep guard over the park to protect the elephants and allow them as normal a life as possible.

The rangers at the park couldn’t be more excited to watch the twins grow up. They will grow up in the wild where they belong, with their family to guard them and the rangers to protect them.

What amazing news for the world! With elephant populations dramatically dropping with each passing year, every baby elephant brought into the world is worth celebrating. If you loved this story, be sure to leave your comments in the section below and share the good news with your friends. ?