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Mama Elephant Leads Favorite Caretaker To Newborn Baby And Asks Her To Sing A Lullaby

By - 13th December 2018

We know that elephants are very social and emotional creatures, but did you know that elephants are also obsessed with music? In fact, some elephants will actually hold each other’s trunks and sway when they hear music playing. Especially when their caretaker sings an elephant lullaby.

A great example of this is this beautiful footage where we see a rescued Indian Elephant called Faa Mai hanging out with her loving caretaker Lek Chailert.

The pair has developed a loving friendship since Faa Mai was rescued as a calf and brought to the Elephant Nature Park in northern Thailand. It’s at this facility where Lek is the founder.

Lek Chailert enjoys singing lullabies to 9-year-old Faa Mai the elephant to help calm her nerves.

Since living at the Elephant Nature Park, Faa Mai has fallen in love with a recently rescued baby named Thong Ae. She wants to make sure that the baby elephant gets the same loving interactions that she gets.

In the video we see Faa Mai pulling Lek towards the baby elephant. We see her steering Lek in the direction of Thong Ae with her trunk wrapped around her waist. Whenever Lek would try and veer right or left, Faa Mai would guide her back on course to the baby elephant.

Faa Mai looked deep into Lek Chailert’s eyes, waiting patiently for her to start singing. As soon as Lek saw the baby elephant she understood exactly why she had been brought over.

elephant lullaby

She knew that Faa Mai wanted her to sing an elephant lullaby for Thong Ae.

Faa Mai wanted me to [sing a] lullaby her little friend, as she is so fond when I sing a lullaby to her.

The connection between the elephants and Lek is a truly beautiful thing. It’s really heartwarming to watch them get such pleasure out of her elephant lullaby.

Don’t forget to watch this caretaker sing an elephant lullaby to Faa Mai and Thong Ae in the video below. Also, at Happiest we love hearing all of your opinions. So please let us know what you thought of the article in the comment section. ?