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His Elderly Father Began Forgetting Who He Was, Until One Day He Pressed Play And A Miracle Happened

By - 27th January 2017

Father and son duo Ted and Simon McDermott, have taken the internet by storm following a series of videos of the pair singing together in the car. But it isn’t completely what it seems. Unfortunately, Tod, 80, suffers from Dementia and often forgets members of his own family. Tod used to sing at Butlins and various other clubs around the country, and it is only when they share a song that Simon feels as if he has his real father back, even if it is fleeting.

The videos were Simon’s brave response to the devastating effect the disease has had on his relationship with his father. Dementia is an incredibly harrowing disease. As the mental capacities and memory deteriorate, it can be extremely frightening and confusing for the sufferer. Further, the family have to bear witness as their loved one painfully succumbs to the disease, watching the person they once knew fade away.

Songaminute Man – Facebook

Imagine the most important person to you in the world, forgetting who you are, becoming hostile toward you. You just hope it doesn’t happen to the ones you love, but this is a hard reality many, including Simon, have to face every day. And it is heartbreaking.

That is why the support network of those with Dementia have to really savour the good times!

Those special, momentary glimpses of their loved ones as they used to know them. They never know how many more there will be.

‘It’s these moments that we treasure’ says Simon, on the Facebook page he has set up for Tod: ‘The Songaminute Man’, which has over 200,000 followers. Not only has he raised an incredible amount of money for the Alzheimers charity, but he’s caught some of the most heartwarming moments of his father as he had always known him: the entertainer and the singer.

But don’t take our word for it. Check out the video below of Tod and Simon singing ‘Cuando, Cuando’, that has garnered 3 million views. We’re sure you will agree that even in the darkest of times, if we can revel in the little moments of beauty- even if just for a short time- then we can be happy.

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