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Ed Sheeran Starts To Sing, But The Second Andrea Bocelli Joins In, You’ll Have Chills All Over

By - 18th December 2017

Ed Sheeran’s romantic ballad ‘Perfect’ has gone from strength to strength, becoming successful both as a solo and as a duet with Beyonce. But now he’s added a new version to the list and it seems like there is no stopping the success of Ed and ‘Perfect’. 

In his latest version, Ed has recorded a duet with the opera legend himself, Andrea Bocelli, and the song is more beautiful than ever.

Accompanied by a more orchestral backing than the original acoustic accompaniment, the song sounds even more romantic than before. With Ed’s raw vocals in English and Bocelli’s powerful voice in Italian combined, the pair have set a new standard for popular music.

The music video begins with Ed and his team arriving at the opera star’s home in Italy, ready for the recording session. Of course, Bocelli has a recording studio in his home…

The pair’s contrasting vocals blend perfectly in this beautiful song, leaving something for everyone to enjoy. In the last chorus, Ed steps his talent up a notch by singing in Italian as they join together, harmonising perfectly.

As Ed watches his idol singing his song, it is clear to see that he is thrilled to be sharing the studio with him and can’t believe where his career has taken him. Likewise, as Bocelli listens to Ed singing his song, he sways along, appreciating the beautiful melody.

Finishing the song to applause from their team of onlookers, the pair embrace, satisfied with the piece they have accomplished. I’m sure that it didn’t take many takes to make the song perfect.

Watch the video below for yourself. Close your eyes and enjoy the soothing melody and tones of the talented duo as they sing ‘Perfect’ like you’ve never heard it before.

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