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Man Transforms Tree Damaged By Hurricane Into Breathtaking Piece Of Patriotic Art

By - 19th November 2018

Fighting for your country is one of the greatest sacrifices you can make. Knowing this, people like to honor our fallen heroes to let their legacy and loving gesture live on.

Sonny Brewer is a man who loves his country dearly. Sonny is a Vietnam veteran who knows what it’s like to go through hard times. When Hurricane Michael devastated the community where Sonny resides, he decided to do something to bring it back to life.

After the hurricane left its path of destruction, Brewer noticed a ravaged tree. With it just standing there, he knew he wanted to do something to turn it into a patriotic symbol.

What am I gonna do with this stump? I gotta make use of it.

Sonny decided to turn it into a tree sculpture

But what could Sonny turn the tree into? Then it hit him, he was going to try and turn his tree into an eagle soaring over the red, white and blue. Brewer’s inspiration was to give something back to his community after the devastation from Hurricane Michael. He knew that the national symbol of the eagle would be the perfect way to show patriotism.

You can look back and say ‘wow I started with a dead tree and now it’s a piece of art.’

The tree sculpture resides on Baldwin Avenue and State Street in Panama City, Florida. It now stands as a symbol to all who have given so much for their country. It’s something for the community to enjoy and respect as a symbol of freedom.

Wanting to get the task just right, Sonny Brewer hired a local sculptor called Chad Gainey to help build his vision

It’s a symbol of courage, integrity, can-do attitude, will-do attitude.

The neighbors seem to enjoy the masterpiece with many cars stopping to take photographs as they pass by. One veteran was passing by and was moved by the tree sculpture. He said, “I fought for this country. I have friends under that flag. That flag means a lot to me.”

It’s nice to see something beautiful come from such a tragic event. We’re just glad that the community can use it as a symbol of hope. And Brewer couldn’t be happier with the results.

It’s my tree but the symbol belongs to the people of Panama City.

eagle tree sculpture

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