Return to top Puppy Wagged Tail Inside Sealed Box Hoping Someone Would Hear — After Her Rescue, She’s Unrecognisable

Puppy Wagged Tail Inside Sealed Box Hoping Someone Would Hear — After Her Rescue, She’s Unrecognisable

By - 27th July 2018

One evening, somebody could hear a soft thumping sound from a nearby dumpster. A Good Samaritan went out to investigate the banging noise. There, he found a sealed box inside. He opened it up and the contents shocked him to his core. It was a dog. This ‘dumpster dog’ had been abandoned and was in such a horrific state.

I have to warn you, some viewer discretion is advised as the images may be a little disturbing

We know the first image is hard to look at but we promise there’s a happy ending if you can persevere. Trust me, you’ll want to see how far this gorgeous pup has come.

This abused and neglected puppy had been left for dead. Sadly, this dog had been treated like garbage and he’d just been thrown away. Thankfully, the man immediately contacted the Dallas Dog RRR for help.

Volunteers were sent to the scene but the puppy (which they named Sally) was in such critical conditions that she had to be taken to the ER.

The dumpster dog was taken to hospital

At the animal hospital, she was diagnosed with a high fever, dehydration and chronic mange. Sally was so weak and frail. She had open wounds that were still bleeding heavily. Even Sally’s paws were swollen and sore.

Sally stayed positive, she knew help was there for her and her fighting spirit kept her going. Despite her awful situation, she continued wagging her tail and refusing to give up. The team knew they had a real fighter on their hands. But it was going to be a long recovery!

A lady called Patti kindly fostered Sally knowing that she would have to continue to visit the vet regularly for treatments.

But when Patti came to collect Sally, the former ‘dumpster dog’ was overjoyed to be finding someone who loved and looked after her.

Sally knew she was in good hands. Being around a positive and loving person gave her the strength to carry on fighting.

She’d managed to get through the worst but she still had a long way to go. But Sally was so thankful that Patti took her in – she couldn’t stop giving her kisses.

Sally continued to make progress at her foster home and through her treatment. Patti did all she could to let Sally know how loved she was – it was definitely paying off.

A few months later and Sally has fully recovered, she’s mange-free and healthy. If it weren’t for the person who found her, Dallas Dog RRR and her foster mom, Patti, we don’t think Sally would have made it.

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