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Last Year, These Drones Planted “Seed Missiles” – Look At Them Now

By - 25th September 2019

Technology can be used in so many different ways. For most of us, this means using voice control to Google something. Or perhaps more powerful home computing allows you to work from home. Whatever technology you use, it’s changing the way we interact with the planet around us. A big recent invention was commercial drones. A few years ago, these were reserved for the military and the super-rich, but now they’re a common Christmas gift across the world!

However, a project in Myanmar started using drones to really help their dire situation. They used your average drone to fire “seed missiles” into hard-to-reach areas where trees weren’t growing. They started the mission in September 2018, and are already starting to see results!


“We now have a case confirmed of what species we can plant and in what conditions,” said Irina Fedorenko, co-founder of Biocarbon Engineering. “We are now ready to scale up our planting and replicate this success.”

Here is what the mangrove looked like just after the seeds were planted:


Drones Are The Future

She explained that just two operators could plant as many as 400,000 trees in a day, and last year’s crop of mangrove saplings are already 20 inches tall! But, they aim to plant a billion trees in this barren and remote area of Myanmar. This would not be possible without the use of drones. These specific drones were designed by an ex-NASA engineer, and seem to be working!

These drones could be used in other areas of Myanmar and across the world to replant trees. This would be so important for the conservation of our forests and woodlands, and the species that live there. The trees also take CO2 out of the atmosphere and produce oxygen, which would help slow the effects of pollution and global warming.

A year after planting, the saplings are already growing well! Here they are now:



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