Return to top FedEx Driver Shovels Snow Off Woman’s Porch When He Learns Her Husband Recently Died

FedEx Driver Shovels Snow Off Woman’s Porch When He Learns Her Husband Recently Died

By - 14th March 2019

Life can be tough, especially when somebody you love passes away. You need time to process your grief, there are numerous things to be taken care of, and family to contact. It’s a hard time for everyone involved, and chores are the least of your worries.

That was the case with Leigh Anne. Her husband, unfortunately, passed away after fighting cancer for seven months at the age of 42. This left her with three young children to raise on her own as a single mother and widow.

It is no surprise that sometimes she needed a hand with the chores. It was the middle of winter, snow covered the ground, and the cold had caused her tyres to deflate. But Leigh Anne was struggling to remove the cap on her car tyres in order to refill them until she noticed local delivery driver Brian making a nearby call.

delivery driver shovels snow

Brian is a friendly chap who many locals know by name and stop to chat to. As he had delivered packages to Leigh Anne before, he kindly helped her out with her tyres and the pair got chatting.

When he learned of her husband’s passing, Brian knew he had to do something to help her out. There was enough stress in her life already, and there was a small something he could do.

delivery driver shovels snow

After helping Leigh Anne with her car and helping her back into her house, the FedEx driver, who hadn’t even been delivering anything to her, quickly grabbed a shovel and set to work.

Doorbell camera footage captured Brian’s selfless deed, as he shovelled the snow off Leigh Anne’s porch and pathway to help her out. That will be one less thing on her mind, and one less danger when stepping out of the house in a rush.

Brian’s selfless act captured the hearts of thousands when the footage was shared on social media, and it has captured ours too. Let us know what you think of Brian’s selfless shovelling in the comments.