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Doctor Playing To Sick Patients Notices Baby Following Him, Camera Captures His Beautiful Response

By - 29th May 2018

They say that laughter is the best medicine, but I think that ‘music’ has to be up there too. When you’re feeling low or unwell, nothing makes you feel better than listening to music. Dr. Paulo Martins knows this better than anyone and has earned the appreciation of his patients with his musical talents. One super-fan especially loves his music. 

Dr. Paulo Martins works at Ribeirao Preto Clinical Hospital in Sao Paulo and brings a smile to his patient’s faces every day. Bringing in his ukelele, he entertains his patients to cheer them up. When seventeen-month-old Sophia Romao Bueno discovered Dr. Paulo’s talent, she couldn’t stop following him around to hear more.

Sophia has an immune system disorder, called Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis, that she has been battling for most of her short life. Her disease means that she spends a lot of time at the hospital having aggressive treatment that leaves her little body exhausted from the fight. However, she can still find the energy to dance along when Dr Paulo is around.

Dr. Paulo Martins always plays to his patients

dr. paulo martins

On this occasion, as Dr. Paulo wandered from room to room, singing for his patients, little Sophia waited in the hallway for him. When the Dr. discovered Sophia waiting for him, he wanted to play something special for her.

dr. paulo martins

Asking her father what kind of music she loves, her father Julliano mentioned that she loves country music and Dr. Paulo knew exactly what to play. As he sang and performed for Sophia she was overjoyed and danced along, with her IV pole still attached to her little body. Even when he had finished the song, she looked to him asking for him to keep on playing; which, of course, he did.

The beautiful moment where Sophia dances with the Doctor proves how powerful music can be. In that moment, everyone watching forgot about their pain and suffering, and instead, revealed in the delight Sophia was feeling. Watch the video below to see Sophia enjoying Dr. Paulo’s music for yourself. It is a truly special moment.

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