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Video Of Overjoyed Boy With Down Syndrome Graduating High School Is Stealing Millions Of Hearts

By - 6th September 2018

For many kids in education, graduation is one of the most exciting milestones in their life. Being able to celebrate all your educational accomplishments in a ceremony with your peers is a remarkable event. But at one school, the show was stolen as a boy with down syndrome graduates with such elation and joy.

Carlos Neria, a teenager from Midland, Texas couldn’t wait to attend his graduation ceremony. Known as ‘Mr. Joyous’, 19-year-old Carlos has down syndrome and he’s become quite the popular character at his school.

But now it’s not just his fellow students who love him, the internet has gone wild for Carlos when they saw how this young man with down syndrome celebrates getting up on stage.

As soon as he walks up on stage, you can see Carlos Neria’s huge grin take over his face.

A viral video where a young boy with down syndrome graduates has melted the hearts of the internet for his joyous demeanor

You can see him jump with joy as he walks up on stage, and it’s not just Carlos who’s smiling – the whole auditorium is cheering and smiling along with Carlos.

And the educators on stage couldn’t help but beam with glee alongside Neria. As he eagerly runs towards each member of staff, Carlos gives each one a hug and a friendly pat. At one point, he even begins jumping with delight and celebrating himself.

boy with Down syndrome graduates

Carlos’ self-celebrations really get the whole crowd going and they can’t help but cheer him on. In fact, one faculty member can be seen jumping in delight alongside Carlos.

The footage was uploaded by the Midland Independent School District with the caption: “One of the greatest things about being part of graduation is celebrating the accomplishments of our students.”

We wanted to share a video with you of a very special graduate, Carlos Neria, who danced across the stage with the greatest joy and enthusiasm as he received his high school diploma! We are so proud of you Carlos and proud of all of our 2018 graduates!

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