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Abandoned Donkey And Emu ‘Fall In Love’, So Celebrity Adopts Them Both So They Can Stay Together

By - 13th December 2018

If there is one thing us guys at Happiest utterly adore, it’s hearing about animals who find unlikely friendships and they fall in love. Well, I think we may found one of the most incredible friendships to date. A donkey and emu make a real pair of lovebirds… although only one of them is a bird!

The two creatures were abandoned on a farm together before help came to the rescue. Jack and Diane the donkey and emu found solace in each other’s company before they were rescued.

The duo had been abandoned on a farm in South Carolina. Thankfully, they were rescued this November by Carolina Waterfowl Rescue. The two followed each other everywhere but to find them forever homes, there were fears that the pair would be separated.

But an unlikely hero came to the rescue of the donkey and emu double act.

The pair fell in love on the farm together and because of this, one person wanted to adopt them together so they would never be separated. That man was The Walking Dead star, Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

Jeffrey and his wife, One Tree Hill star Hilarie Burton, couldn’t imagine seeing these two adorable animals separated. The donkey and emu had such a strong bond that they just couldn’t do it. That’s when they decided that they were going to adopt them both.

They decided to let the unlikely duo move onto their farm in New York’s Hudson Valerie after hearing about them online.

Jack and Diane were among several other animals who were left when renters suddenly abandoned the farm but it was very clear that these two could not be separated.

When the shelter originally went to rescue Jack and Diane, they put Jack in a field with three other donkeys and Diane in with the other emu. However, they noticed pretty quickly that the two started crying and pacing around looking for one another.

Then we put them in the same enclosure together, and they calmed down.

The rescue team was skeptical that they would find a home for the loved-up animals. But after they shared their love story on social media, they received more than 2,000 adoption inquiries within just 4 days of posting.

donkey and emu

Among those inquiries was Jeffrey Dean Morgan who already had an assortment of donkeys, cows, and alpacas on his farm.

He just seemed like the perfect fit … He loves his animals, and he cares for them greatly.

We couldn’t be happier for the donkey and emu lovers. And Jeffrey promises that he will post frequent updates on social media.

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