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Man Donates Pool After Family Mocked For Their Makeshift Effort

By - 20th June 2019
man donates pool

Many of us try to make do with what we have. In whatever it is, we always try our best to make sure our family have what they want. That could be saving money on clothes to treat the kids to a meal at their favorite restaurant. Or mending things instead of buying new ones. Or simply not upgrading your phone at every opportunity because, let’s face it, the new one looks pretty similar. This Texas family wanted to enjoy the summer, so converted their own custom pool to enjoy.

It’s sunny, the kids are off school, and they want more than anything to go swimming. But you can’t afford a pool. I mean, seriously, who can? But you’ve got a pickup truck and a vivid imagination.

man donates pool

The family went viral in 2016 for their innovative DIY paddling pool. However, while a lot of people found it good fun, some were less than impressed. Many neighbors called the family “lazy” and people online branded them as “poor”. However, Todd Arredondo didn’t find it funny.

Todd is an urban mining entrepreneur and now the owner of his own company. However, he started from modest roots. He didn’t have a lot growing up and remembers fondly one time when a stranger gave him a water balloon. The balloon likely impacted on an unsuspecting friend’s face, but it also impacted Todd more than he thought at the time. He remembers that generosity to this day, and always wanted to be in a position where he could help others out.

He took his opportunity and surprised the family with an inflatable pool of their own! Now they can have a great time splashing around in the privacy of their back yard.

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