Return to top Dogs Wait For Their Owners To Leave, But When They Return Their Jaws Instantly Drop To The Floor

Dogs Wait For Their Owners To Leave, But When They Return Their Jaws Instantly Drop To The Floor

By - 22nd December 2017

Everyone gets excited about putting up the Christmas tree and getting in the festive spirit. But when these dogs thought their owners had left it long enough, they decided to spruce up the tree themselves. 

Staring at the door as their owners leave the house, once the coast is clear, the dogs disperse and chaos ensues as they prepare to surprise their humans upon their return.

Rummaging through the cupboards, grabbing the Christmas baubles from off the shelves and rolling up the carpets to make space, the clever dogs set about turning the room into a festive wonderland.

They each take it in turns to place ornaments on the tree, brightening up the room with colour. One brave little pup even drags out a ladder to get to the top of the Christmas tree to place the finishing touch on top; the star. They even found the secret stash of presents and placed them underneath the tree.

The dogs have clearly been planning the escapade for a while as they efficiently decorate in time for their owner’s return. I’m sure that they got a big surprise when they walked through the door.

Of course, this video was set up by the creative Mirror Method Performance Team, in order to spread festive cheer. Sadly dogs, in real life, would probably make quite the mess if left alone with Christmas decorations…

The awesome video was originally posted back in 2008 and since then, it has amassed over 15 million views. It would appear that cute dogs and festivities go hand in hand to make a Christmas classic.

Watch the video for yourself to witness the adorable doggy display. If only helpful pups would help decorate my Christmas tree…

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