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The Dog’s Instructed To Bring Home The Cat, But Just Watch How He Does It

By - 25th January 2017

If you have your own dog, you might have managed to train it to follow some basic commands. Usually, these consist of things like; sit, stay, paw, roll over or even, jump!

A lucky few, though, have the skills to take their dogs tricks to new heights! Such as getting them to collect the mail, take the trash out and even to go fetch them another beer from the fridge, these sort of tricks is really for the convenience of the owner and nothing else.

If you’re impressed that the above is actually possible, prepare to be bamboozled by the video you are about to see… It will change your life!

A Russian woman has actually trained her dog to bring in the cat, yes, the CAT!

Now, I’m almost certain that you are already quite impressed by this revelation. How many man-hours must have gone into teaching your pooch a trick like this? How did the dog even begin to fathom the task at hand? And how exactly has he managed when the cat is bigger than he is?!

Undeterred by the challenge he faces, the dog has his own methods of cat retrieval and now has this skill down to a fine art form as he fetches his feline friend seemingly with ease and brings it right back to his owner.

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