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Dogs Are Asked Who Stole The Last Cookie, The One On The Left Will Leave You Howling

By - 22nd December 2017

If you have a sibling then you know how strong sibling rivalry is. You get into mischief together and then when it comes down to crunch time and you get caught out, you don’t think twice about snitching the other one in. And apparently it’s no different for canine siblings either. 

When Harley and Loa are sat down by their mom and asked about their involvement in a recent situation, the guilty looks on their faces are impossible to ignore. The two pups stare up at their mom through glazed eyes as they are asked the incriminating question they have been dreading.

Who stole the cookie off the counter?

Before asking the important question, their mom reassures them that she understands it can be hard to get your brother or sister in trouble, but honesty is the best policy. Not to mention, the dog who is brave enough to tell the truth will get an easier sentence than the guilty party.

When she asks the question, she doesn’t expect them to respond immediately; she assumes that the pair will need to take some time to decide how they want to respond. After all, it can be upsetting to get your sibling in trouble. But the response that she gets is too funny and she needn’t have worried that there would be any issue in finding out the truth.

If you have a brother or sister yourself, I’m sure that you will relate to the canine pair’s predicament with fond memories.

Watch the hilarious video for yourself to see Harley and Loa’s predicament. If you enjoyed this funny clip, be sure to leave your opinions in the comments below and share with your siblings. ?