Return to top Her dog Zeus vanished 2 years ago, she searched but he wasn’t found — she just received this phone call

Her dog Zeus vanished 2 years ago, she searched but he wasn’t found — she just received this phone call

By - 19th January 2017

When Debi Petranck’s much-loved pooch, Zeus, went missing in August 2014, she, like any loving mother was mortified. She searched the whole neighbourhood around her home in Florida for weeks, she placed ads in local papers, and wouldn’t give up; but Zeus was nowhere to be found. She was devastated by the loss.

Nearly two whole years passed, Debi missed him greatly but had started to adapted to life without her loving companion, until one day, completely out of the blue, she received a shocking phone from an animal shelter in Detroit, Michigan, the Dearborn Animal Shelter.

Amazingly a black and white stray pup had turned up unexpected at the shelter one morning. The staff has followed their typical procedures and scanned the dog for a microchip.

Elaine Green is the Executive Director of the Friends For the Dearborn Animal Shelter. She told CBS News that Debi was “ecstatic” when she received the unexpected phone call that her boy was safe and sound. She hopped in the car and made the more than 1,000-mile drive to Dearborn, MI. Local businesses and several anonymous donors helped fund Debi’s voyage.

Debi was petrified that Zeus may not remember her after so much time? She waited anxiously in the waiting room as staff from the Dearborn Animal Shelter went in the back to bring him out.

A short video captured their emotional reunion can be found below and it answered all her worries.

“My main worry, I didn’t know if Zeus would know me or not, but he walked in and knew…he recognised me from right off. Everything’s just the way we left it; we’ve just picked right up where we were.”

As for what had happened to poor Zeus, well the Barkpost reported that he “had been picked up after escaping from Debi’s home by a man who mistook him for a stray. The gentleman then relocated to Michigan, taking Zeus with him. He apparently did not take Zeus to a shelter or veterinary clinic to be checked for a chip. Zeus must be quite the escape artist because he was picked up in Detroit after running away again, and taken to the Dearborn Animal Shelter where his microchip was finally scanned.”

Debi is just happy to have her beloved dog back once more and thanks, The Dearborn Animal Shelter for what they did for her. 

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