Return to top Dog Was Minutes From Death, But Thanks To A Miracle, Her Transformation Is Unbelievable

Dog Was Minutes From Death, But Thanks To A Miracle, Her Transformation Is Unbelievable

By - 21st March 2018

Nothing breaks my heart quite like seeing a stray dog. It’s one of the saddest sights in the world. Unfortunately, the number of stray dogs in Bulgaria is rapidly increasing.

Because of this tragedy, more and more dogs are getting infections which can leave them facing life-threatening diseases with nothing being done to save them. Many, in fact, die from their illnesses.

Meet Khalessi, a stray dog who was found severely underweight, craving food and covered in flesh-eating bacteria that left her almost completely bald.

Somehow, she wandered into a town where people were taking action to save stray dogs. Khalessi had no idea she was walking straight into a miracle!

Diana and Tony were the rescuers who reported Khalessi to a rescue organisation when they saw her.

Tony stated that the dog was surprisingly fearless and came towards him almost immediately. “Shew as desperate for human contact and so hungry, she came right over and nearly collapsed on me.” Tony also said that Khalessi was one of the worst cases he’d ever seen.

When Diana and Tony arrived at the clinic, the frail pup was taken immediately to intensive care. The staff discovered the horrifying amount of fleas and ticks on her body. Her skin was savaged by sores and part of her ear was missing.

Staff also noticed that she was walking around slowly and awkwardly, they then realised her leg had healed incorrectly from a nasty break.

But despite her harrowing appearance, the staff remained hopeful. There was something in the way she looked at them and trusted them fully that brought the staff peace and hope in her healing process.

Khalessi was given strong doses of antibiotics to stop her internal infections. She was scrubbed with specialist shampoos to reduce the ticks, fleas and bacteria that was building upon her skin. Once those lighter issues were dealt with, staff could concentrate more on the concerning problems.

The poorly pup was transported to a clinic specialising in infectious diseases. She was given treatment for her remaining infections alongside intensive shots and a cast to help heal her once-broken leg in the right manner.

Even with her broken leg and her wounded ear, Khalessi was starting to resemble a dog again!

The staff were thrilled with her incredible transformation. After months and months of highly intensive treatment, Khalessi was almost 100% healed.

She was free from her ticks, her fleas, she was able to walk properly again, regained the correct amount of weight and the most shocking of all, she’d managed to grow back her hair thoroughly. The doctors were pessimistic about her hair regrowth.

The incredible staff at the clinic couldn’t even recognise Khalessi as the same dog they first saw when she was brought in for treatment. But all that matters is that she’s happy and healthy.

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