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Dog Tries Everything To Make Friends With Cat, But Just Wait For His Final Tactic

By - 29th December 2017

It’s a well known stereotype that cats and dogs don’t get on. Cartoons have always depicted dogs as the dominant creature, chasing terrified cats around. But in reality, it is a very different story.

The internet is filled with funny cat and dog videos, but the best ones have to be where both creatures are involved. Just because dogs are usually the bigger and louder animal, people assume that they would scare cats. But the reality is that cats scare dogs much more than the other way around.

Dogs are generally overly-friendly by nature and are always in the mood to play, whilst cats are known for being more subdued and quiet. So I can, kind of, understand why dogs may irritate cats…

So watching dogs attempt to make friends with their feline housemates is brilliant because you know it’s going to end in an epic fail. Dogs roll around and tend to their feline ‘friends’ but the cats aren’t having any of it, batting away the eager dogs and shooting them death stares.

We’ve all seen hilarious videos of dogs who are unable to walk down the staircase because the family cat is sat on the middle step, staring them down and refusing to move. Not to mention videos of cats who have adopted the dog’s bed and the dog is too afraid to force them to move from their spot.

Whether you are a dog person or a cat person, you can enjoy these videos for the hilarious scenes that they are. I bet you can’t watch this compilation video without cracking up laughing!

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