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Man Wakes Up And Can’t Find His Dentures, Looks Over At The Dog And Bursts Out Laughing

By - 13th September 2018

We all know that dogs are magical creatures. I mean, we don’t call them “man’s best friend” for nothing. But sometimes our canine companions can be a little bit mischievous. Sometimes it’s frustrating, other times it can be utterly hilarious.

Their cheeky antics can give us a good giggle when they do something that takes us by surprise. But how do we stop our pups getting up to mischief when they can get away with things in a blink of the eye?

dog steals false teeth

Maggie is a tiny little puppy that lives with her owner Eunice and her owner’s father in Long Island, New York. This gorgeous little pup looks as innocent as can be; ‘like butter wouldn’t melt’. But don’t be fooled, this tiny dog can be very devious when she wants to be.

She is the cutest! She has quite a personality, she loves to cuddle but is also a yapper at times. And she’s very mischievous!

Maggie loves playing with her toys, but sometimes she likes to find new things to grab. Now, we all know dogs love chasing the forbidden treats in life like chocolate, dinner or… false teeth?!

Eunice received some pictures of her dog that her father had taken. Immediately, as she looked at them, Eunice burst into a fit of laughter. In fact, Eunice immediately knew she had to share the photos online with her family and friends.

Maggie the dog steals false teeth and the images are both hilarious and terrifying

Yes, this dog steals false teeth off her grandpa and suddenly her innocent little face becomes utterly terrifying.

He thought maybe he had left them in the bathroom. When they weren’t there, he went searching downstairs and found Maggie under my living room table.

When he went to see what Maggie was up to, he noticed she was wearing his dentures over her own teeth.

We have to say, Maggie does look pretty terrifying, but it’s also very, very funny. We can tell Maggie has a big ball of personality that she wants to share with the world.

This dog steals false teeth and the results are both hilarious and terrifying. Has your dog ever taken anything strange? Let us know. Also, at Happiest we love hearing all of your opinions. So please let us know what you thought of the article in the comment section. ?