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Dog Is Shot In The Head And Left For Dead, But When Rescuers Arrive They Witness A Miracle

By - 19th January 2018

When Deputy Sheriff Sarah Erickson got a call about a dog that had been shot in the head, she assumed they were talking about a dead dog. So when she was told that the canine was “wagging its tail like crazy”, she could barely believe what she was hearing.

On January 11th, a man was on his way to work when he came across a dead dog on the road. Or at least what he thought was a dead dog…

Jumping out of his car, he saw that the old black and white dog had been shot in the head but miraculously was still alive. Ringing his wife, she waited with the injured dog while the police arrived at the scene.

From the minute the police picked him up, he was kissing their faces, wagging his tail, even though he must have been in excruciating pain.

The authorities determined that the poor dog had been shot and dumped in the snow by the side of the road around midnight, and then managed to crawl his way up to the road where he could be seen. The dog could barely walk so he must have dragged himself there. It was a miracle that the poor dog had managed to make it through the night.

Naming the pup Sarge, they rushed him to the Four Seasons Animal Hospital in Iron River for emergency treatment.

The injured dog risked having to have his leg amputated and he was hypothermic, but Sarge wasn’t short of any more miracles. Despite all of his serious injuries, the pup went from strength to strength and his progress is remarkable.

Sarge can now walk around with a temporary cast on his leg and the swelling has gone down from his bullet wound. They have decided to keep the bullet where it is for now as it is lodged right at the top of his spine, where his neck meets his chest cavity. It is truly a miracle that sweet Sarge is thriving, despite his injuries.

Despite Sarge’s horrendous treatment, he has not lost his trust in humans and is winning hearts all over the place. It is heartbreaking that somebody would do such horrific things to such a gentle animal.

He’s doing great. The students and doctors there seem to have fallen in love with him.

The Iron River community have all rallied round brave Sarge and the Michigan State Police are currently looking for clues as to who could have committed this terrible crime.

For now though, the priority on most people’s minds is getting Sarge all the help that he needs to make a full recovery and, hopefully, eventually find a new loving family.

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