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Dog-Shaped Cloud Reminds Us Of The Pets Who Are No Longer With Us

By - 30th September 2019
dog cloud

It’s hard to lose someone you love. Especially a pet. Pets, and dogs, in particular, spend their years on this planet loving us with every second. Their love is unconditional and the joy they bring is huge. But, we truly know that they’ll always be with us. In our hearts, in our memories, and in our thoughts. But, this dog appeared in a cloud, reminding us all of what our pets truly mean.

Whether you believe in the afterlife or not, this amazing apparition must give you some hope. If not, it at least reminds you of a beloved pet who is no longer with us.

dog cloud

Do you see the dog? We’ll zoom in on it for you.

dog cloud

Many people on Facebook took this as a chance to share their pet memories. Lots of them are really beautiful. All this good has come out of a cloud.

2 1/2 yrs ago my beloved Shihzue Dixie crossed over the Rainbow Bridge,” wrote one person. “And I swear that I saw a cloud overhead that looked like her. We were getting ready to bury her when I looked up as I was crying and saw the cloud. I truly believe it was a sign that she knew how much I loved her.”

Another commenter had their own dog in the clouds. “I took this while on the train going home, Aberdeenshire Scotland last year when we lost our dog. It was like looking at [an] angel with wings walking our dog.”

dog cloud

Which do you prefer? They’re both beautiful. But the comments didn’t end there. “I miss my Darcy boy, [a] cavalier king Charles spaniel,” wrote another. “Best, kindest friendliest beautiful boy. I miss his silly shuffle all over the whole lounge and hallway when he’d just been bathed. He used to look and smell amazing.”

It’s amazing to share your happy memories like this. Let us know if you can see the dog in the cloud or your favorite memories of your beloved pet in the comments. Share with your friends and family who need to see this today.