Return to top Hero Dog Wouldn’t Leave Burning Home Because He Had To Protect 4 Tiny Friends Trapped Inside

Hero Dog Wouldn’t Leave Burning Home Because He Had To Protect 4 Tiny Friends Trapped Inside

By - 30th October 2018

To those people who say cats and dogs don’t get on with each other, I’d like to introduce you to an adorable pup named Leo. Leo, the gorgeous Jack Russell mix from Melbourne, Australia, risked his life to save four tiny newborn kittens.

Leo lived with four little kittens and his owners in Melbourne but one night, a house fire started and soon the flames filled the whole house.

The family managed to get out and one of their other dogs also managed to escape. However, Leo didn’t flee the burning building. He stayed in the house to protect four little kittens.

Leo risked his life to try and save these adorable little kittens from the burning building

dog saves kittens from burning building

When the firefighters got to the building, they found the little Jack Russell mix lying unconscious on the ground.

When they picked up the small pup, they noticed that the newborn kittens were underneath him. The little dog was losing oxygen before the firefighters got to him but he managed to keep the kittens safe by using his body as a shelter.

Firefighters managed to get Leo some oxygen and the little dog was saved – as were the kittens. That day he was just your average household pet, but he walked out of that burning building as a true hero!

What an incredibly awesome dog! We think he deserves a big juicy steak for dinner that day. It’s the least we could do for such a wonderful super dog. Leo is a real inspiration to us all, what a selfless little pup he is.

Don’t forget to watch the story in the video below where Leo the little Jack Russell saves kittens from a burning building. Also, at Happiest we love hearing all of your opinions. So please let us know what you thought