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Golden Retrievers Pose Together For Pregnancy Announcement Photo

By - 11th June 2019
golden retriever pregnancy photoshoot

Pregnancy has changed with the advent of the internet. Whereas before you might not have known anything until the baby was born, nowadays it is all documented. From pregnancy reveals to gender reveals, everything is posted online at every stage of pregnancy. And, in this case, the same can be said for a pair of golden retrievers.

Whether you’ve seen a baby bump photoshoot or someone livetweeting their child’s birth, you think you’ve seen it all. Until now. Kentucky breeders Waterfront Golden Retrievers took things to the next level with two of their dogs.

Hopper and Zu posed perfectly for an Instagram shot to announce that they were expecting. The post proved hugely popular, so Waterfront documented the entire process. 50,000 likes on the first post were evidently enough for them to consider continuing the trend.

In a way that humans don’t usually do, the dogs even had an announcement for how many pups would be in their litter. Unless you’re expecting twins, you wouldn’t usually find this in a standard (human) pregnancy announcement.

Gorgeous golden retrievers Hopper and Zu announced that they were expecting eight puppies in another post. However, when the big day arrived, Zu gave birth to four girls and five boys. The litter of nine are as adorable as you imagine.

Happy Puppies, Happy Parents

The parents look overjoyed with their new puppies. But, thankfully for their fans, Waterfront decided to continue documenting them post-birth. The puppies are a few months old now and have been the stars of countless cute photoshoots.

What could be better than Instagram photos of cute puppies? Okay, maybe the adorable pregnancy announcement. But not much beats that.

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