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Dog Desperately Misses Military Dad, Curls Up In A Basket Of His Old Clothes

By - 4th June 2018

It’s not just us humans that can get lonely and miss somebody. Animals have the ability to miss others too. One gorgeous dog missing his owner has caught the attention of many online. So much so that he would do all he could to feel close to him again.

Infantryman Michael Yost was deployed overseas in April and he had left his wife Jessica and their two dogs at home in Germany. Naturally, it was hard for Jessica, but one of her dogs, in particular, was really struggling.

Jessica found her dog missing his owner

The couple’s lab-collie mix which they’ve lovingly called Fruitloops tried to cope with the ordeal. “How?” I hear you ask, well, Jessica found her gorgeous pup spending some alone time in a plastic storage container. The plastic tub was filled with Michael’s old trousers and military sleeping bag.

Jessica caught the moment on camera and the heartbreaking video has been going viral.

“It broke my heart when I saw Fruitloops curled up in the tub of Michael’s old clothes. He looked so heartbroken — he doesn’t understand that his dad is coming back [in the fall].”

Jessica tried her best to cheer up Fruitloops but he seemed really down in the dumps.

“He [Fruitloops] laid in the garments for a few mins before I tried to perk him up by talking to him. My dogs feel like my children so it’s really heartbreaking, but once I started talking to him he perked up.”

dog missing his owner

Fruitloops’ love for Michael is truly adorable

What makes this whole encounter even sweeter is that Michael isn’t even Fruitloops’ original owner.

“He just met my husband last year when we got engaged and instantly bonded with him, I actually told Michael when we first started dating, ‘If my dog, Fruitloops, doesn’t like you, we won’t be able to continue dating.’ ”

Obviously, Fruitloops instantly fell in love with Michael. This video is all the evidence you could possibly need.

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