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Dog Lost In Woods For A Month, Owner Breaks Down When He Sees How Much She’s Changed

By - 22nd December 2016

It was an emotional reunion that pulled on the hearts strings of all of the staff at the Alpine Animal Clinic.

Sandy, who was a chow mix had been rushed into the office after one of the trainee vets had spotted her while out on a camping trip, at Kading campground near Little Black Foot River, and could instantly tell she needed help!

Sandy and her owner were staying at the deer lodge when she suddenly went missing. sandy was 10 and she had managed to wander through the rough terrain crossing around 18 miles, it was over a month before she was luckily discovered by the trainee.

She was not in good shape when she arrived at the vet’s, she was skin and bone, her fur was matted and she was covered in Ticks, grass seeds and excrement.

The vets told NTN News that she would only have lasted a couple days longer before succumbing to the wilderness. once shaved they could see the extent of her starvation, they needed to slowly get some food back into her body so she could return to health.

Then the next task was to track down the owner, they posted on social media, the post reached nearly 5,000 shares and 200,000 people before Sandy’s dad finally heard about it.

A friend of his saw the post and let him know that his dog had been found and was recovering at the clinic. Veterinarian Heidi Wampler said;

“It was the first time we’d seen her lift up her tail and wag, so she clearly recognised him, and she feels good enough that she could acknowledge that he was there.”

When he finally saw her again, he just burst into tears, wich caused the others in the vets to set off as well as they watched on for the heartwarming reunion.

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