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Orphaned Kitten Approaches Sad Dog Who Lost Her Puppies, Adopts Her As New Mom

By - 21st May 2018

When a tiny kitten was left orphaned and taken into a cat sanctuary, she had a second chance at life. But she wound up finding her sanctuary in an unlikely place when she met a dog mourning the loss of her puppies.

Il Gattaro d’Aleppo is a refuge for abandoned cats, left behind due to the war in Syria. Mohammad Alaa Jaleel (otherwise known as The Cat Man of Aleppo), founded the sanctuary and to this date has 80 felines roaming about. When he came across a street dog named Amira, he made an exception to the rule and took her in.

loss of her puppies

Discovering she was pregnant, Alaa gave up his own room so that she would have a place to rest comfortably until the birth of her puppies. Sadly, when Amira went into labor, all of her puppies were stillborn, leaving her broken-hearted.

We were sad and shocked… We gave her a stuffed teddy bear and tried to cuddle with her because she was very sad.

Sensing that they had something in common, a tiny kitten called Junior approached Amira and the teddy. Both animals had experienced loss and Junior could sense that on Amira. Slowly, she walked up to Amira, then she went up to her paws, and then she began to rub her face on her. It was from there that things began to change.

Amira finds new purpose after the loss of her puppies

Within a few days, Amira had ditched the teddy bear and was cuddling up to Junior instead. She would play with Junior on her back and tended to her like she would to her own puppies. Their bond grew with every passing day.

loss of her puppies

We found them playing together, and the kitten climbed on her back, and (Amira) was completely fine and even seemed to be smiling.

The unlikely duo now does everything together. They eat together and Amira watches over her kitten every step of the way. Her maternal instincts have certainly kicked in. After the loss of her puppies, Amira finally has a baby to take care of.

I think Amira needs to stay with Junior because her heart was sad after losing her puppies.

Despite the devastating loss of her puppies, Amira has found a new purpose in life as she acts as a surrogate mom to another animal that needs a parent. They need each other equally.

Despite both having a tough time at the start of their stay at the sanctuary, they now have a new-found love for life and for each other. Love has no boundaries and Amira and Junior are proof of that.

loss of her puppies

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