Return to top Dog hears harrowing cries of ‘HELP’ from owner — 20 hours later rescuers find her laying on his body 

Dog hears harrowing cries of ‘HELP’ from owner — 20 hours later rescuers find her laying on his body 

By - 15th January 2017

A Michigan man fell just 15ft short of his front door, he had been paralysed after he slipped on Ice on the stairs to his home and had broken his back.

For over 20 hours, his hugely loyal golden retriever hadn’t moved an inch after finding her owner in a bad way.

Kelsey the dog spread her body over his, and stayed with him in the freezing cold until a neighbour discovered them together, surly only moments from death. Dr. Chaim Cohen, a neurosurgeon at McLaren Northern Michigan Hospital, told that;

“He was kept warm and alive by the dog, and without her, in his opinion, he would surely not have been here today.” Adding that he was “very fortunate.”

Inside edition reported that “The patient, who has asked to only be identified as Bob, suffered three herniated discs and had a core temperature below 70 degrees. In surgery, Cohen removed portions of the discs pressing on his spinal cord, but didn’t know if those measures would lessen Bob’s paralysis.”

“Bob fell on New Year’s Eve at about 10:30 p.m. He had been watching football and stepped outside to quickly pick up some firewood. He was wearing long johns, a shirt and slippers.”

“After slipping on the icy snow and falling hard, he couldn’t move his legs or arms. He began screaming for help, he told hospital staff, but his nearest neighbour is a quarter-mile away.”

It was Kelsey who came running to his rescue, She laid on him, kept him warm and began barking periodically for help herself.

Bob’s voice had given out, partly due to the pain, partly due to the cold, but Kelsey’s didn’t.

“She was letting out this screeching howl,”

Bob told medical workers.

His neighbour, as a result, found him at 6:30 p.m. on New Year’s Day.

You can watch the amazing video of what happened below, dogs truly are a mans best friend.

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