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Stray Dog Discovers ‘Petting Machine’ At Local Car Wash, Now She Visits Every Day

By - 22nd November 2018

Who said dogs aren’t smart? If there’s something they want, they know how to go out and get it. For example, one little dog wanted a back rub, but with no humans around, she knew she had to improvise.

In the Turkish province of Izmir, one smart stray dog managed to discover the secret to a very fulfilling free back rub. A German Shepherd mix called Linda visits an automatic car wash multiple times a week. She’s not going to get fed or to bond with any humans, she’s just going to get petted by a machine.

There are no humans required when it comes to Linda’s relaxation time, all she needs is the spinning wipers from the automatic car wash.

carwash back rub

Twitter user @clintfalin shared the video online which has since gone viral. It would seem that the whole internet is obsessed with Linda’s massage routine. People are heavily invested in this dog’s clever behavior.

This clever dog gets a carwash back rub.

Linda the stray German Shepherd waits patiently for a vehicle to enter the carwash. In the video below, a white van starts to get covered in soap as the machine begins. As soon as the three fluffy rollers begin to wash the car, Linda positions herself at the back of the van to begin her carwash back rub.

Linda knows just where to sit and what angle she should be at – she’s clearly a seasoned professional. You can see her kick her legs with enjoyment, the machine was definitely hitting the right spot. This certainly is one smart dog!

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