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Clever Stray Dog Begs For Money, Then Heads To Shop To Buy A ‘Hard Earned’ Snack

By - 22nd August 2018

Most people when training their dogs will ask them to ‘beg’ for a treat, but one clever street pup has managed to get the hang of begging all on his own. In fact, this dog buying a hotdog really knows how to splash the cash.

But this dog doesn’t simply beg for his treats, oh no, this dog prefers to pay with legal tender. The dog is lovingly known to locals as Cabron (‘dumbass’ in Spanish) and he loves paying for his sausages.

Cabron is a regular customer at the hotdog stand in the Mexican town of Tezoyuca. Using his charm and his adorable face, the dog waits by the hotdog stand for kind humans to help.

A smart dog buying a hotdog has won the hearts of the internet

Once they pass him a coin, the dog then quickly heads to the counter to pay for his snack. This is panhandling at its finest.

dog buying a hotdog

Sergio Vasquez was amazed by what he saw so he filmed Cabron’s street antics. In the video, you can see the jolly pup wagging his tail as he awaits his purchase.

This doggie is called Cabron and when you arrive at the shop he scratches you with his paw on your leg; he only asks you for a coin to buy himself a sausage. Today I was working in the area and I met him. For those who think that small animals can neither feel, nor think.

But what makes the video great is that the hot dog vendor doesn’t seem phased by this dog at all. In fact, he’s rather nonchalant about the whole interaction.

The dog then devours the sausage rather quickly and with great satisfaction – clearly, this place makes good hotdogs. We can see why this man gets repeat custom from the dog.

It’s since been said that the stray dog has been adopted by the vendor – this is definitely a match made in heaven!

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