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Dog Horribly Burned In Fire Is Adopted By Kind Firefighter

By - 19th April 2019
burned dog adopted by firefighter

Lexi Ann may be the world’s unluckiest dog. Earlier this year she was caught in a house fire, suffering horrible burns. However, things have been looking up for her recently as a firefighter who understands her trauma has adopted her.

At the start of the year, Lexi Ann had everything a dog could wish for. She had a loving family, a beautiful home, plenty of friends, and a litter of gorgeous puppies. Her family took great care of her, as well as their two cats and another dog. However, when a fire burned their house down, few survived.

burned dog adopted by firefighter

Lexi Ann’s family got out okay, but the other animals in the house weren’t so lucky. In fact, Lexi Ann only escaped because the fire melted the walls on her kennel, allowing her an escape route.

As well as having lost her friends and all her puppies, she was suffering from severe burns. Some of them went down as far as her muscle. Someone upstairs must have been looking after her because she could have easily died from these horrific injuries.

burned dog adopted by firefighter

Her owners took her to the vet to be put down, as they thought it was the most humane thing they could do. Given her injured state, you can understand why they wanted to give her peace. However, one veterinary technician disagreed. They got in touch with Ruff Start, an animal rescue centre based in Princeton, Minnesota. The organisation took Lexi in and gave her the best medical care they could.

As she was healing, the centre said she remained happy throughout, and her tail was always wagging. Her picture on their Facebook page caught the attention of firefighter Travis, who drove for 11 hours to adopt her.

burned dog adopted by firefighter

As a firefighter, he understands what she’s been through and her trauma. “Her dad is a full-time firefighter and connected with Lexi due to the trauma he knows fire can impact on the lives of humans and animals,” Ruff Start wrote. “He actually has pulled his fair share of animals out of fires, many of which were not as lucky as Lexi Ann.”

burned dog adopted by firefighter

They seem like the perfect match, and we hope Lexi is happy with her new family. Her positive attitude will make her a good dog. Travis hopes she will be able to help at a local camp for burn victims in the future.

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