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Cat Squares Up To Ferocious Feline And Prepares For Brawl, But Luckily Dog Friend Has His Back

By - 28th September 2018

Picture the scene, you’re on a night out with your friends, one of your pals has had a bit too much to drink and they start getting a bit rowdy. It’s a tale as old as time, right? But it’s not just humans that have to pull their friends out of scraps. As it happens, sometimes it takes a dog to break up a catfight.

But what do you do when your friends get into a brawl? I’m sure most of us would step in – and it’s no different in the animal kingdom.

They don’t call dogs ‘man’s best friend’ for nothing. Not only do they give us love, laughter, and companionship, but they can also get us out of some sticky situations.

The best option usually is just to walk away from a confrontation and not give it a second thought. Thankfully, in the times when you’re seeing red, a loving pup can pull you out of a bad mood. Our canine companions know when it’s best to walk away.

It takes one awesome dog to break up a troublesome catfight

Honestly, this video is so human-like but yet it’s only animals we see in the footage. You can almost hear the conversations the animals are having. “Leave him, Colin, he’s not worth it!”

The footage shows an adorable pooch stop his feline friend from getting into a fight with his stern attitude and calm demeanor. We know that cats can be grumpy and confrontational, but thankfully, a loyal dog knows how to bring the best out in all of us.

That’s why this gorgeous golden retriever managed to save his feline friend from a catfight with a much bigger cat. We really don’t deserve dogs, do we?

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