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Abandoned Baby Moose Cries For Help, Until An Unlikely Hero Arrives Just In The Nick Of Time

By - 20th July 2018

Dogs, as a whole, are incredibly friendly creatures. They love bonding with other creatures, new dogs and humans. But they’re also pretty social when it comes to other animals like cats, birds or even a moose. Yes, this dog and moose duo is something nobody expected.

Dogs just want to play with other creatures, they’re very curious animals. But there’s one dog who really is quite a character when it comes to making unlikely friends.

A family in the northern regions of Maine were out for a walk one day when they spotted something in the distance.

At 5 am on a Saturday morning, the campground was silent, but then they heard rustling that cut the silence. All of a sudden, a baby moose appeared. Shannon (the dog’s owner) decided to call the moose Miss Maggie.

Wild animals often leave their babies to eat, drink and rest.

The young moose was clearly distressed and calling out for her mother. So while Shannon waited for help to arrive, her dog decided to keep the moose company.

Leo the dog strutted around the campsite but he was thrilled when he bumped into Miss Maggie.

This dog and moose duo hit it off from the moment they met

He walked right over and Miss Maggie and Leo became fast friends!

The moose followed Shannon and Leo around all day. It seems that Miss Maggie became quite fond of Shannon and Leo’s kind nature.

dog and moose

Thankfully, when the vet and the rescue team showed up, they managed to safely retrieve the moose and get her to safety.

But Leo the German Shepherd will surely miss his new best pal. This has to be the sweetest interaction we’ve ever seen.

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