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Cat Hides In Tunnel Then Pulls Prank On Confused Dog — The Internet Is Cracking Up

By - 9th October 2018

Since the dawn of time, we’ve heard the phrase “fighting like cat and dog”, but it’s not all true. There are a lot of homes around the world where cats and dogs live together in perfect harmony.

In fact, more and more households around the globe are now home to both cats and dogs and they’re pretty blissful. But that doesn’t mean that both species always live calmly together.

Though they may still be seen as mortal enemies to some, others live for their playful hijinks. And this cat and dog duo are the most playful pairing.

This lovable pair certainly loving playing together and getting up to mischief. A lot of people would say that cats are usually smarter than dogs, and in this case, the cat takes full advantage of this.

In the video, you can see the cat and dog standing off before the cat runs into a tube. Immediately the dog starts trying to get the cat by pressing down the ends of the tube. However, the dopey dog didn’t spot the cat run right past him.

This disappearing cat trick left the dog quite puzzled…

Like something from a comedy, River the cat is just sitting patiently to the right while he waits for his dog pal to spot him. Jessie the dog couldn’t quite figure out where River had gone, but she was determined to find her.

We couldn’t help but laugh as we watched Jessie ponder and prod the tube for some time before realizing that the cat had given her the slip. This disappearing cat trick certainly had Jessie hoodwinked. In classic comedy fashion, upon realizing she has been bamboozled, Jessie takes chase.

Make sure you check it out, we guarantee it will make you chuckle. It’s nice seeing this dog playing with her disappearing cat friend.

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