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Guy Watches In Disbelief As Wheelchair Bound Man Attempts To Climb Into Huge Truck

By - 4th October 2018

Sometimes in life, we see something that truly makes us reevaluate life. For a lot of people, they find themselves facing a tragedy or an unfortunate situation and they don’t know how to carry on. For others, they see a problem and they try and figure out how to work around it – this story is about one of these humans.

A video recently caught my eye on Facebook which truly left me in awe. In the video, you can see a guy at a gas station filling up his semi truck. But that wasn’t what makes this video so incredible. It’s the fact that the man was in a wheelchair.

Yes, this guy is a trucker who hasn’t let a disability get in the way of doing the job he loves. The video was filmed by a guy at the gas station who witnessed the wheelchair-user get back into his truck. Like us, the guy filming was in sheer awe of this man’s dedication to his work. No hurdle was too big for this guy.

This disabled truck driver doesn’t let any obstacle get in his way from doing a job he loves

People are very impressed with his work ethic – you can’t say this guy doesn’t give it 110% because he is dedicated. Aaron Williams posted in the comments about a time when he met this disabled truck driver:

disabled truck driver

I met this guy the other day. I was getting ready to dock and get loaded myself but I couldn’t back in till he moved his truck out of the way. He’s a good man, we talked for a while and he showed me his truck and everything. He asks no help from no one. He does everything from opening the back doors to his trailer to changing his oil. After hearing what he does, I can’t help but wish others were as driven and motivated as this old man. Hats off to you old timer, hope to run into him again sometime. – Aaron Williams

How awesome is this guy? It just goes to show that no obstacle is too big if you really set your eyes on something. Never let a disability hold you back and keep on trucking!

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