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Toddler Is Afraid Of Dentist And Won’t Stop Crying, Dentist’s Amazing Trick Has Him Silent In Seconds

By - 25th May 2018

Trips to the dentist can be ever so scary, especially for children. However, if you’re attending a practice in Elmwood Park, New Jersey, you may have a much more exciting time. Why? It’s all thanks to a Jewish dentist’s magic trick.

dentist's magic trick

Dr Eyal Simchi from New Jersey has risen to internet fame for his awesome magic tricks to make kids feel better. Simchi has a practice in Elmwood Park where he specialises in pediatric dentistry.

Dr Eyal Simchi has created some awesome tactics over the years

Throughout his training, he’s learnt all sorts of ways to calm and comfort his nervous patients. But Dr Eyal’s favourite method has to be magic.

Dr Eyal Simchi appears to baffle a young patient by pulling lights out of his ears and nose. The young boy is in absolute awe by Simchi’s magic trick and immediately he’s put at ease.

“Truly a great way to build trust with your patients. Little tricks can go a long way with a nervous or frightened child.”

A video of Dr Eyal working his magic fingers (literally) has been seen over 15 million times on Facebook and a further 10 million times on Twitter. Other videos of the dentist’s magic trick and sleight-of-hand includes pulling coins from behind children’s ears.

But if magic isn’t your thing, fear not, Dr Simchi has loads of other awesome tactics to put children at ease in his practice. Whether that be blowing up medical gloves into balloons, letting some kids ‘operate’ dentistry tools or performing “stand-up dentistry” for his young patients who get nervous at the thought of sitting in the chair.

Dr Eyal Simchi’s website states, “From a waiting room filled with activities and exciting aquatic-themed décor to his awesome magic tricks, Dr Simchi has the unique ability to make each child look forward to going to the dentist,”

He really is an amazing dentist with a real care for his patients.

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