Return to top Deer Comes Face To Face With Strange ‘Creature’ But His Next Move Has The Internet Crying With Laughter.

Deer Comes Face To Face With Strange ‘Creature’ But His Next Move Has The Internet Crying With Laughter.

By - 3rd January 2018

As soon as it starts to snow outside, we dream of snow angels, snowball fights and building a magnificent snowman. There’s nothing more satisfying than placing the carrot in the middle of the snowman’s head, completing the classic look. So imagine if somebody came along and destroyed your snowman just after you’d finished it; you’d be pretty devastated. 

Well, that is, you’d be pretty devastated if somebody needlessly destroyed your snowman out of spite. But when a beautiful deer wanders out of the wilderness to admire the carrots you have perfectly placed on your snowman, you tend to not mind as much.

Walking cautiously up to the snowman, the deer sniffs at the icy figure; she clearly has never seen anything like this before. Sniffing at the snowman, she can smell something enticing but isn’t sure where it is coming from.

Taking a chomp out of the snow, she quickly learns that is not the thing she was smelling. But then she notices the nose…

Nudging the carrot for a nose, it falls to the floor and the deer sees that she has struck gold. Eating the carrot promptly, she begins to look for more yummy carrots to devour. And she’s in luck, as this particular snowman has a full head of red hair, created from a whole bunch of carrots.

Another deer enters the scene but is told to stay away; this is her meal time and she’s not sharing her find with anyone!

After making sure that she has eaten all the carrots available, destroying the snowman’s head to double check, the deer goes on her way. All future snowmen should beware of this deer from now on – she knows their yummy secret!

Watch the cute video for yourself to see the deer demolish the snowman. I bet mom had a tough job explaining to her kids how Frosty met his early demise.

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