Return to top Prince Harry And Meghan Visit 98-Year-Old Fan In Australia, And Make One Very Special Promise To Her

Prince Harry And Meghan Visit 98-Year-Old Fan In Australia, And Make One Very Special Promise To Her

By - 23rd October 2018

It’s not surprising that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have built themselves a strong fan base. But it’s not just the British that loves to see them, the whole world is fascinated by the Royal couple. But there’s one person in particular who loves catching up with Prince Harry: 98-year-old Daphne Dunne from Australia.

While out on their royal tour, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle visited Australia. It was here where Prince Harry managed to reunite with one of his oldest supporters – Daphne Dunne.

98-year-old Daphne Dunne is a war widow. She married a soldier named Albert Chowne in Sydney on March 15th, 1944. Sadly, Albert was killed in action against the Japanese in New Guinea in March of 1945.

Albert was posthumously awarded a Victoria Cross for his extreme bravery in battle. Seventy years later, Prince Harry spotted Daphne wearing a replica of the medal and he was immediately drawn to her.

Prince Harry was charmed by the nonagenarian and now their touching friendship has been seen all around the world. Daphne Dunne and Prince Harry have had a ‘natter’ and a catch up each time he’s returned to Australia on a royal tour.

Last year when the prince spotted Daphne, it was heavily raining and Daphne still sat patiently under an umbrella to await the arrival of the British prince. She couldn’t miss an opportunity for a catch up with her favorite royal.

However, on this royal tour, Daphne Dunn had a few words of support and well-wishes for the prince and his new wife

This year, as soon as Prince Harry spotted Daphne, he ran straight towards her and she was so thrilled to get the chance to talk to him again. Immediately she began to congratulate him on his exciting pregnancy announcement to which he was very thankful.

Harry then kindly asked Daphne if she would like to meet Meghan and eagerly she said ‘yes’. Like Prince Harry, Meghan was also smitten by the kind-hearted Daphne and she, too, was very thankful for the congratulations.

It would appear that they have a firm friendship. Daphne had brought the royal couple some flowers and a card congratulating them on the pregnancy. Meghan also told Daphne that hopefully next time they’re in Australia, Daphne will get the chance to meet their new baby. I’m sure she can’t wait to meet their baby!

Bravo Harry and Meghan, you’ve continued to be a positive inspiration in the world.

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