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Young Boys Are Shovelling Snow On Driveway, But Then Dad Notices The Man Behind Them

By - 14th December 2018

Christmas is a wonderful time of year where we see random acts of human kindness prevail. Sure, it might be cold outside, but the selflessness of others really can warm your heart. Daniel Medina from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, was driving down the road one night in the midst of winter with his two children.

It was very icy outside and there was a lot of settled snow on the ground. Medina’s two sons (aged 6 and 10) asked Daniel to stop the car. He was confused as to why, but he did anyway. Then he saw something that really filled him with pride.

Daniel caught sight of a man on the sidewalk. The boys also spotted him and the man was in a wheelchair outside trying to shovel snow away from his driveway.

Daniel Medina

For those of you who have shoveled snow before, you will know just how difficult it can be. The snow can be quite hard, it’s exhausting work and it’s incredibly tedious. Now picture yourself trying to do all that in a wheelchair. The man was clearly struggling to clear the heavy heaps of snow.

Daniel Medina’s two boys asked if they could stop to help the man in the wheelchair

The two boys’ instincts kicked in and they knew they wanted to help the man out. Despite the freezing temperatures, they helped the man clear the snow from his drive until the job was done.

Daniel couldn’t be prouder that his sons wanted to go out into the freezing weather at the end of a long day to help out a man in need.

He shared the photo of the boys helping the man in the snow on Facebook and it quickly went viral. People can’t stop praising the boys for their selfless act. Hopefully, they will grow up and keep that kindness in their hearts.

A little bit of help really does go a long way, and for Daniel Medina, it’s something he will never forget. His little boys were determined to offer a helping hand to a stranger who was struggling.

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