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Dancing Doctor Surprises Seriously Ill Children Who Haven’t Been Able To Smile In So Long

By - 14th September 2018

‘Laughter is the best medicine’ is a phrase I’m sure most of you have grown up hearing from family members and friends. And to some extent, it’s true! A positive mental attitude and a smile really can make you feel better. But if you find it hard to smile in the tough times, find yourself a dancing doctor to help.

A doctor from California believes happiness is a big factor in healing. So he’s become the real-life ‘Patch Adams’ but instead of telling jokes, he brings dance moves to his wards.

42-year-old Tony from Orange County loves to bust a move to brighten the days of his patients. And we have to say, his patients love it too! Since he first decided to dance for a patient, he’s become an internet hero for those inspired by his dedication to helping rehabilitate his patients.

dancing doctor Tony Adkins

Tony the dancing doctor works at the Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC) and he soon became known as ‘Dancing Doc’.

Dancing with patients is important because it adds levity and joy to the hospital experiences. What I’m doing is right in with CHOC’s commitment to preserving the magic of childhood and ensuring patients don’t have to put their childhoods on pause.

Tony is also an army veteran and he loves using dance to bring joy to his patients – especially for those who are struggling the most.

Tony the dancing doctor says there is a science behind his dancing that helps rehabilitate the sick.

Studies show, when people laugh, smile and become more interactive, the effect on the brain is more powerful than some pain medications. It has a clinical value as it allows me to assess a patient’s physical abilities, mobility and recovery process. I recently had a patient who was reluctant to get out of bed after surgery, but when I came in one morning to see him, an invitation to dance got him out of bed and moving. After we finished dancing, he kept going and starting doing laps around the hospital floor – it was awesome to see.

There you go, I guess dancing really is a great rehabilitator. Bravo Tony, keep shaking your moneymaker and inspiring the kids in your care!

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