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Lady Caught in Traffic Jam Shows Off Hilarious Moves On Highway — Now The Video’s Going Viral

By - 27th July 2018

If there’s one thing most of us hate, it’s getting stuck in traffic – especially on a long commute. But what can we do to tackle our road rage? Some people try and distract themselves, others sing. But one woman has turned into a dancing commuter to shake away the anger.

Lisa Smoot of Nashville, Tennessee, tries not to let anything bring down her mood – even gridlocked traffic. She had been sitting in traffic on the I-65 heading north out of Alabama for quite some time.

After sitting there for a while, Lisa’s passenger began to record her as she boogied in her car seat to the Beastie Boys classic “No Sleep Till Brooklyn”. Despite being cooped up in a small car, Lisa managed to throw some shapes and shred it on air guitar.

But the dancing commuter was only just getting started

But when the song changed, Lisa turned it up to 11. Meghan Trainor’s song “Me Too” came on and Lisa really started to feel the music take a hold of her.

This is my song!

Giddily, Lisa started to wiggle in her seat with such passion that she couldn’t be tamed or held down for much longer. This is clearly Lisa’s jam as she seems to know every word off by heart.

Who’s that sexy thang I see over there? That’s me, standin’ in the mirror!

It turns out that Lisa is well known in the Nashville music industry. She’s a highly respected vice president of a company that deals in radio promotions. However, we think most people will know her more now for these awesome dance moves!

Maybe the song is right, I wish I had Lisa’s confidence. I think I do want to be her!

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